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Wasserman's mission statement:

To satisfy our customers with a unique shopping experience offering first and foremost kashrus, quality, variety, price, and service. We are committed to providing the highest standard of Glatt Kosher meats, poultry, fish, takeout, fruits, and vegetables.

We are also the sole supermarket that receives its meat direct from the slaughterhouse and are doing the nikur (deveining) that involves removing certain forbidden veins and fats from the meat, as well as soaking and salting the meat on-premises. This ensures that we have complete control of the kashrus and quality of our meats. We are unique to be processing the meat in the house. The result is the best Glatt Kosher meat in the industry.

72-51 Main St
Flushing, NY 11367

Sunday 7AM – 10PM
Monday 7AM – 10PM
Tuesday 7AM – 10PM
Wednesday 7AM – 10PM
Thursday 7AM – 12AM
Friday 7AM – 2 hours before Shabbos
Saturday 9:45PM - 12AM
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